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Help Stop Howard's War On Worker's Rights. Jun. 28th, 2006 @ 08:40 am
Just so every Australian knows that there is another union rally today against Howard's industrial relations laws I'll post this. I'm certainly going out today and I hope a few others will too. Check  for your closest venue.

  • Ms Burrow will address the Melbourne Rally around 11am in the Bourke St Mall.
  • Media Contact: Ian Wilson ph 0408 513 849


  • Mr Combet will attend the Brisbane Rally, speaking at Celebration Lawn at Roma St Parkland around 1pm.
  • Media Contact: Tania Reeves ph 0418 700 419


MELBOURNE - 10am and 11am 28 June

Where: Starting at four locations at 10am: Trades Hall (Carlton); Federation Square; Spring St, Parliament; and Southern Cross Station (formerly Spencer St).

What: March from starting points to converge on Bourke St Mall (approx. 11am) for main rally.

Speakers: Steve Bracks, Victorian Premier; Kim Beazley, ALP Leader; Sharan Burrow, ACTU President; Brian Boyd, VTHC Secretary.

Contacts: VTHC c/- Lisa Ballard 0414 694476

BRISBANE - 12 noon 28 June

Where: Starts at Southbank Cultural Forecourt

What: March through the city to Celebration Lawn at Roma St Parkland.

Speakers: Peter Beattie, QLD Premier; Grace Grace, QLD Council of Unions; Greg Combet, ACTU Secretary

Media contact: QLD Council of Unions c/- Tania Reeves - 0418 700 419

SYDNEY - 9am 28 June

Where: Blacktown Showground, Richmond Rd.

What: March and rally. Speakers include: John Robertson, Unions NSW

Media contact: James Gallaway ph 0432 822 077

DARWIN - 12 noon 28 June

Where: Raintree Park in Darwin City Centre

What: Rally

Media contact: NT Unions c/- Dij McDonald - 0418 852 545


Southern Adelaide Rally

7.30am: outside Kim Richardson's office (lib MP), 209 Main South Road, Morphett Vale.

North East Adelaide Rally

10am: outside Trish Draper's office (lib MP), 959 North East Road, Modbury.

Adelaide City Rally

12 noon: Victoria Square

Northern Adelaide Rally

12 noon: Outside David Fawcett's office (lib MP), shop 89 Munno Para Shopping Centre.

Media contact: Unions SA - Karen Ashford - ph 0427 398 713

LAUNCESTON - 12 noon 28 June

What: March from Princes Square to Rally at Albert Hall (12.30pm)

Media contact: David O'Byrne - ph 0417 374 865

PERTH -- 12 noon 28 June

What: Rally followed by a march. Live music and sausage sizzle.

Where: Russell Square, corner of Parker Ave and James St, Perth.

Family *Values* May. 31st, 2006 @ 12:55 pm
x-posted rant from my journal:

Apparently, Iraqi civilians *do* have value.

$2,500 apiece.

Marines paid murdered family $38,000 in compensation.

Apparently, these people were related to a local official. I imagine those that are not politically connected are worth somewhat less.

Modest Proposal-
We could just kill off about half of them and go home. At an average of $1500 a head, it would only cost $7,500,000,000. We spend more than that a month as it is. Further, with proper planning, we could adjust the percentages of ethnicities murdered and leave the country in a balanced state with no ethnicity having a majority.

Why the hell not? Certainly there are more than a few people in the military who would slap you on the back if you growled "nuke em all, let god sort 'em out"... That would just take all the fun out it though. Let them just go house to house and "root out the terrorists".


I know the majority of ppl in the military are not crazy fucking psycopaths that kill pregnant women and their children. But, since no one is willing to remember Vietnam, let me refresh your memory. Our soldiers were in a foreign land (note: a land war in Asia), bogged down for years, fighting an enemy they couldn't readily identify, fighting for a cause no one could understand anymore. Under constant threat of ambush and snipers, even some of the best people snapped. Mai Lai was the poster child of this phenomenon. Today, we have Haditha.

Those who fail to understand history are doomed to repeat it.

NB- One last fucking note, and remember I said it first. We will likely have more dead soldiers by November than civilians dead on 9/11. I famously asked one of my friends before the war started "How many soldier's lives are worth it? 100? 500? 1000? How about as many that died in NY?" Once we got to that number, he didn't think it was so worth it. I am sorry that I was so prescient.

The Australian Nuclear debate. May. 24th, 2006 @ 09:16 pm
After his pompous visit to the United States last week John Howard has instigated the nuclear power debate around the country. Australia produces a significant amount of uranium every year and sells it to countries all around the world, including several questionable regimes. It was only a matter of time for the Prime Minister to spark the nuclear debate and as the debate heats up around the country regarding whether nuclear power is affordable and viable for Australia questions regarding safety, purpose and all other important aspects of the debate have started. The Howard government has set up an internal committee to assess the options when it comes to nuclear power. Do you think that it is the right way for a country to gain power? There are of course many positive points to nuclear power such as a cleaner way to power the nation. However, there are many questions about safety, fears of Chernobyl come to mind and dubious questions about nuclear weaponry being produced form the supply would also be an issue.

I don't support Australia embracing nuclear. This country has vast coal reserves and although it sounds conspirator like but I fear the idea of producing weaponry of the nuclear variety. I think it also sends that impression to our neighbours and considering how offside Indonesia is at this point I don't think that's a good idea. All of this of course is speculation and my own fears that may or may not have substance. Do you believe that Australia should embrace nuclear? Is it a viable option for us to insure power supply?

I would like some opinions if ya'll don't mind May. 16th, 2006 @ 11:40 am
Behind the cut below is a long entry on gun control, as I can't figure out exactly where I stand on the issue. Anyone who can offer any advice or their opinions would be welcome.

Read more...Collapse )

May. 13th, 2006 @ 05:59 pm
I am, as you undoubtedly already know, the Independent Blogger of the Office of the Independent Blogger, independent in the same sense that Ken Starr was meaning "not very independent" indeed. I blog with a keyboard on loan from God, and here we go.

My latest post, and the first I'll direct you to, is Apples and Oranges, where the subject turns from the polling of the President to Iran's wacky letter, with a stop in front of the political fights of the week (Howard Dean v. some critics, Frist v. critics, Boehner v. critics, and Muffin Man v. Baker) before closing with the price of butter in Langley.

Not bad, eh?

In my next post, we talk politics, thus leading me to title the post, "Talking Politics." Reverse Federalism and State's Rights are discussed, along with the inherent seriousness of an Al Gore candidacy, followed by some points about John Kerry and Hillary Clinton.

On a personal level, I have been criticized by many Liberal Democrats for two things: my support of the War and Iraq, and my timid opposition to the NSA's wiretapping. Before, I used to condemn the program but I didn't go so far as to call it an abuse of power. In light of recent revelations, however, I don't think there's a way to deny that George Bush is Richard Nixon Reloaded. A preview:

Richard Nixon Reloaded.Collapse )

The day before that, I'd labeled President Bush Jimmy Carter With Rabies, and I think it's fair to stand by that. In that post, I discuss his human rights record and a few impressive notes, but then we get to the CIA.

My view of the CIA, currently, is that it is the victim of an Honor Killing of sorts. Yes, I'm willing to say that Bush is attempting to kill the CIA for "honor."

Afterward, you can look here for an analysis of the UN and the global poker games being played, including my first note on the Iranian Letter to Bush. My thoughts on it at the time?

A few more poker matches are left to talk about. The first involves Iran. First, Blair today said that any suggestion of “nuking Iran” is “absurd.” It is. I’m proud of him for saying that, as it’ll provide some level of sanity to the discourse. Next, on Iran, their President has written Bush a letter in what they’re labeling an attempt to push forward talks. The Iranians say they’ll publicly release it when Bush receives it. Here’s to hoping they knew to put enough stamps on and, you know, write it in English.

To close, here there's talk of the spooky shenanigans going on in the world and at the UN, this post about the men in power who are dropping like cash at an Abramoff meeting.

If you'd be so kind, check out the site and if you enjoy it (I don't see how you couldn't) then do do me a favor and forward links to it to your friends or make a post in your own blogs. I'd surely return the favor, if asked.
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» (No Subject)
i have started a new blog.

it's a blog where i discuss politics, and im trying to encourage all people regardless of political affiliation to join and be part of the discussion. hopefully with my blog i can help keep people better informed about what's going on in american politics.

please come by and read it, and join it to leave comments!

help me promote it and get the word out!

Once Upon an Opine
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I am the Independent Blogger of the Office of the Independent Blogger, and I have a variety of posts to highlight from my blog.

First we talk about Dinosaurs, Awards and Politics, specifically relating to Ted Kennedy, Bipartisanship, unauthorized leaking and Richard Nixon. An excerpt? "Pat Buchanan is out calling any leak of classified information treasonous, and bemoaning the granting of a Pulitzer Prize to the woman who ran the article on secret CIA prisons. In other news, he still thinks Richard Nixon the greatest President since Caligula."

Strength in Numbers, where we talk about the military backlash against Rumsfeld as well as the effect of sagging poll numbers. The closing line, "As everyone knows, strength is something that can be found in numbers, but not always. Hundred million dollar lawsuits don’t bring strength to Maury Povich much like thirty two percent approval ratings don’t help the average President, but George Bush isn’t the average President. Charges of incompetence and lack of evidence serve as spinach to Bush’s popeye, bubba, and he wouldn’t have it any other way."

Next we talk about Cursed Terms, specifically the Second Term Curse,</a> Karl Rove's clipping, the Phone Jamming plot that's starting to become Bush's Watergate, and a ripping of Bush for his label as "the freedom President." An excerpt: "Even a few months ago, I’d have never imagined that this sort of phone-jamming incident would be occurring in today’s Washington, but I shouldn’t have given Bush that much credit, I guess. What’s the difference between Karl Rove and Chuck Colson? One of them claims to have reformed himself, while the other wants to firebomb Iran!" If you know your 1960s history, then you know Chuck Colson is notorious for wanting to firebomb the Brookings institute. More on the Watergate-sequel can be found here, along with some notes on Brent Scowcroft.

Here we have a pithy post about gas prices.

Next up is Carnal Congress about the oversexed Katherine Harris and the nature of Republican government today. Excerpt: "I am aware that this post is heavier with sexual entendres than Harris’ face is with makeup, but that’s okay. When you’re dealing with a carnal Congress that loves screwing people over, it’s all right to be explicit. Besides, I’m only making a point as to the nature of the Republicans we’re dealing with — people who pretend to be puritans but cuddle on the floor of the House. How do Republicans get away with this? By promising to outlaw sex toys in South Carolina. Maybe that’s Karl Rove’s next platform to run on? Or maybe it’s because we’ve got people with goals such as those listed above that our country’s wallowing in so many problems?"

Here we look at politics as a game of survival, and specifically talk about Hillary Clinton and the 2008 elections, Iraq's Prime Minister, Rick Santorum and Karl Rove.

Finally, there's Iran and Global Warming, including notes on Al Gore.

To close, we have Brokeback Washington about the Bush White House, and it's a nifty satire, if I do say so myself.
» Iran shuns UN calls to freeze nuclear program
Iran's hardline president has shunned international demands to freeze his country's controversial nuclear drive, as the head of the United Nations (UN) atomic agency flew into Tehran in a bid to head off an escalation of the crisis.

"The situation is completely changed - we are a nuclear state," Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in the wake of a breakthrough in the country's disputed nuclear energy drive, seen in the West as a mask for weapons development.

Iran announced this week that its scientists had successfully enriched uranium to make nuclear fuel.

The Islamic republic insists its program is peaceful, but the enrichment process can be extended to make the fissile core of a nuclear warhead.

The UN Security Council has set April 28 as a deadline for Tehran to halt enrichment.

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief Mohamed ElBaradei arrived in Tehran during the night for talks with the regime's top nuclear negotiator and a message that appeared to be falling on deaf ears.

"We hope to convince Iran to take confidence-building measures including suspension of uranium enrichment activities until outstanding issues are clarified," Mr ElBaradei told journalists at the airport.

"I would like to see Iran has come to terms with the request of the international community," adding that he still remained "hopeful the time is right for political solutions, through negotiations."

Mr ElBaradei must give a report at the end of April on Iran's nuclear activities to the UN Security Council and the 35 states of the IAEA's governing council.

» Australian Workers Union..
Hi! My name's Pheobe, and I thought someone on this site might be able to explain the Australian Workers Union to me???

I've been working for Woolworths for a month, and I think I'm going to get fired because I made a massive mistake, and lost heaps of money.

I joined the Union on the internet, but I don't know what else I have to do to get them to help me??

And also, I haven't gotten any warnings yet, so can the company legally fire me??
» (No Subject)
Hi everyone. I'm Gregory Pratt, the Independent Blogger from The Office of the Independent Blogger. Since Christmas, my website was on a hiatus due to a variety of small issues but now it's back, and so am I. It's back for good, and in that regard, so, too, am I.

I'm still "Independent" in the same sense that Ken Starr was. Which means "Not Very Independent" indeed. I blog from the Left side of the Political Spectrum, but I flirt with Conservatism on Iraq, and maybe one or two much smaller things. Which means that my wisecrack about being as Independent as Ken Starr is me Kidding on the Square -- kidding, but meaning it to a point. Or maybe I really am Independent like Starr, who, while a Right Wing Hatchet Man of the Worst Kind, also happens to do noble work against the Death Penalty.

I share his independence, if we look at it that way, to a point. But I don't hunt after the President's penis like he does. No sir. Truth be told, some people have told me that I flirt with Conservatism, and I like to say back, "I don't. I tease Conservates." Jokes aside, I'm quite fond of my blog, both because I try to interject humor into the issues of today and because I love government. And so allow me to pique your prurient interest with a few titillating articles I've got up. First we've got the Tax Code Samba, similar to the Texas Two Step in that you'll never see me doing it. You see, I'm not much of a dancer. Or a fighter, for that matter. I play baseball instead.

My favorite post of the week is (Democratic) Party Like It's 1999 about the Clintons, DeLay, Al Gore and the future of Congress, 2008 and a brief mention of Larry Flynt and The Gingrich who Shut Down the Government.

Then there's "Gobble Gorba," an article refuting the recent statements of Mikhail Gorbachev who has found the time to sneak out of his grave and praise Vladimir Putin while tackling America. The premise of it is that Gorbachev is a turkey. A noble concept, to be sure.

With the demise of Tom DeLay dominating the news this week, here's my take on the failed exterminator. I find it deliciously ironic that the gas man poisoned himself in his haste to wipe out his enemies.

Next we talk about a stupid article and Savings. There's no further precursor to that.

In the next picture, I Policy Wonk about Isolationism, the Policy Wonk Chief of Staff, and the CIA.

Finally, I write about Incessant Bothers in Government and Society.

That's not all on the blog, just the more recent posts.

So, yes. Go visit the Office of the Independent Blogger, independent in the same sense that Ken Starr was. Enjoy yourselves.
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