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Hi, I'm new to this community, so just a little bit about myself… - Politically aware: News for leftwingers

About Hi, I'm new to this community, so just a little bit about myself…

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Hi, I'm new to this community, so just a little bit about myself first. My name's Dan and I live in NSW. I'm from a very working class family and so, am naturally adorned to left-wing politics. I'm 18 and have bipolar disorder which makes me very interested in the parties' views on mental illness and think the "beyond-blue" initiative is a bit of a joke, and feel much umbrage to john howard (I refuse to capitalize his name) for some statements he made in regards to depression a couple of years ago. Well anyway, onto my rants, please comment.

Previously posted on my journal.

OK, The first thing I want to rant about, seem's my lj has become a bit of a political blog but if you keep up with the state of politics in Australia, and you know the particular circumstanstances of me (my dad is pretty much self employed (i mean he has an employer but has to manage his own super and stuff, ie. he is a sub-contractor) this is 100% because of the GST introduced in 1999 by the current totatitarian (and anyone who disagree's with my term just come live the life of my dad for a day) liberal government.) yet het only earns $20 000AU a year (roughly $13 000 US a year).) Because he has little to no education The new Industrial relations laws (in Australia known as the workchoices (I refuse to capitalise them) regime) benefit him greatly. If you can't tell I'm being sarcastic. I'd say the only reason my dad hasn't been sacked for some 17 year old being paid in petrol vouchers which he must use on the taxi are because a) he knows too much about his bosses running of the taxi (ie taking some tax "breaks") and b) he is best mates with his boss. 

Now for those of you who don't know the new ir (not to be mistaken with infra-red which is actually useful and fair) laws pretty much lower the unfair dismissal threshold to 100 workers in a company, allows the company to require an employee to sign what is known as an awa (Australian workplace agreement) which is pretty much a new term for an unfair contract (there are many stories of people, including my brother losing about $200 dollars a week, they are not allowed to be part of the union, they lose all their entitlements such as paid sick and maternal leave), give the federal and thus liberal government the control of the employee relations comission taking it from the labour (union) controlled states. 

Next on my political rant is the war, particularly on Iraq, Iran and North Korea. These three states, to the best of my knowledge have or are planning to build, what are popularly known as weapons of mass destruction, with the exception of Iraq. Now wait just an oil-pumpin' minute. Iraq is the only one of those we've invaded, and we found no evidence of WoMD's. Yet the other two country's proudly talk up their nuclear programs. Now with the rogue leader of North Korea (lord, please let me get this right) Kim Jung Ill, tickling the united states funny bone in a way they haven't been tickled since a certain superpower known as the USSR did back in 1962. Let me set the scene for you, Cuba 18th October, 1962. The world stood on the brink of a nuclear war. All because of one thing. The Soviet's placing longish range missiles right on the US's doorstep, the socialist Cuba. This would enable the Kremlin to launch a nuclear attack on the US with nuclear warheads, this was well before the US's Star Wars antimissle system, so an attack was well on JFK's mind. Now alot of people think it was the US's bargaining power which led to the withdrawl of the launch pad's from Cuba, but a little known fact is that the US removed a certain launching base of long-range ballistic missiles, from Poland, well within striking distance from the Soviets. Now I ask you, how long has it been since a nuclear weapon was used on an enemy, well the answer is World War 2, August 9, 1945, which coincidently is the last time the US won a war. 

Now I'm not one to praise the Soviet's for placing such tension on the world, but in reality weren't all they were doing was levelling the playing field in the chance of a nuclear war against the United Stated and it allies. I feel pretty lucky that the current President, George dubbya wasn't in power cause dipolmacy and facts seem to be the last thing on his regimes mind. And I'm sure the world would've been destroyed that grey October morn. Well anyway getting back to the North Korean/Iran issue, these countries maybe just be trying to settle the playing field with the US, who under the terms of the UN Nuclear non-proliferation treaty are allowed to posses, along with France, Russia, UK and China Nuclear weapons. No other country in the world, under te terms of the treaty are allowed to possess weapons. Now wait a minute, those countries are also the core members of the UN, the Security Council. Don't tell me there's not a little bias here. And also don't quote to me the terms of the treaty, I speak of course of the clause in which a member who has signed the treaty agree's not to fire on another state unless fire upon BY NUCLEAR WEAPONS first (ie a nuclear retaliatory strike). Because this wouldn't be the first time the US broke the terms the treaty, another clause in the treaty says that no Security State (ie one who is allowed to hold the bomb) can give a nuclear weapon to another nation however the US has been doing this for the greater part of a half-century. So maybe Iran/North Korea are merely trying to level the playing field however even I, the socialist of all socialists find this laughable, maybe the US and other UN nations need to take a little more off their own plates before condemning these nations. 

Moving onto my next topic, the UN. Now the UN is suppossed to be a world council, saying yes or no to several matters concerning the world's security. Now a little history on the UN. It was founded shortly after world war 2, and it's first major act was to declare Israel a state. Well nuff said on the UN's judgement. This is still laughable. In more recent history though the security council sat several times to discuss what the US wanted, a war against Iraq. Based on "you've gotta trust us" facts the UN Security Council declined to move in on Iraq, in hindsight quite rightfully. The US and Great Britian moved in anyway and have slaughtered over one THOUSAND civilians. Now this is genocide of the Iraqi people on a mass scale, and the UN has done nothing. These war crimes have not been punished and the despite the pessimist in me I doubt if they ever will be. Ladies and gentlemen, under internation law (and I'm not the only one saying this) George Bush, Tony Blair, the Italian leaders and John Howard are war criminals and should face trial in an international court. The US seems to be in control of the UN and I beg of the remaining members of the UN to do something. Fine the US and Great Britian for disobeying a direct order. I don't mean a monetary sum, I mean kick them off the security council. If a rogue state like the US wishes to play the UN for chumps they shouldn't be part of it. Now for one well known fact about the initial funding of the UN, it's headquarters live in New York, the initial sum was funded by an American politician.
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